When did you start getting into fitness?

Year 2009

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness accounts for a large proportion of my life. Fitness gives me the motivation to continuously pursue improvement.

What kind of clothes and equipment do you usually choose for fitness?

I go to fitness every day, I will choose to integrate fitness into my daily life, training tee with casual jogger pants. As for equipment, I usually only bring supplies that match the training of the day, so a backpack that can be switched between back and hand is already Very enough, this functional sporty style is sufficient for basic training and daily outings. It is my recent Go to Outfit!

Why was Energy Park founded?

In my 4th year as a physical fitness coach, I slowly discovered what I wanted most is to create a place where I could relax and exercise. So I established Energy Park in 2017, just like the name means "The place where positive energy is released", is to connect a group of people who also love fitness. I always hope to influence more people to grow together through my profession.

What is the most difficult thing along the way?

The initial stage of the establishment of Energy Park was the most difficult time. Because I wanted to have more freedom, I actually braved the opposition of my family and used most of my savings to start a business. Because of limited funds, I decorated the venue, and handling equipment all by myself. From the beginning, there were only basic fitness facilities and not too many people knew about it. Relying on the enthusiasm for fitness, gradually increasing equipment and expanding the group, gradually let more people realize Energy Park.

Give some advice to everyone who is still at Work From Home?

Working at home for a long time, a lot of exercise will reduce fat accumulation, and may cause muscle soreness due to poor sitting posture. In addition to simple stretching exercises, if you want to enhance cardiopulmonary function and blood circulation, I highly recommend setting aside 30 minutes a day for some high-intensity exhaustion training that focuses on self-bearing, such as high leg lifts, opening and closing jumps, mountain running Do 30 bounces with Poppy, then rest for two minutes, and repeat the above cycle 4 times. The above is a high-intensity exhaustion exercise. You need to investigate your own abilities. As long as you can exercise every day, you will quickly feel your physical fitness. And the improvement of cardiopulmonary function.

What is the next goal?

As the founder of Energy Park, my goal is to train young fitness coaches and bodybuilders. I hope that my students can have the correct fitness concept and posture, so that everyone can avoid unnecessary injuries and maximize the training results.

Gimmy Wong