When did you start getting into fitness?

Year 2014

Why did you start fitness?

At that time, I saw introductions about foreign fitness women on the Internet. They have tight waistcoats and sexy buttocks. They completely changed me, who always thought that as long as I was thin, I was beautiful. In order to develop a curvy body with female power, I started to get involved in fitness.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is a kind of self-discipline for me. In the early stage of fitness, in order to make the effect more obvious, I was determined to quit the bad habit of long-term alcoholism. I slowly saw that the body became healthy except for the change in appearance. Since then, it has become more responsible for my body, so I become more disciplined. Insist on fitness.

As a few female fitness coaches, have you encountered any difficulties?

Of course there is! Most of my students are girls. When they were looking for a fitness coach when they saw my photo of the game, they suddenly stopped. They felt that my body was too strong and too strong, and I was afraid that I would train them into muscles. Later I realized After their doubts, they explained to them that in fact, it is much more difficult for girls to gain muscle than boys. Don't worry too much about getting too strong, and everyone's abilities and definitions of beauty are different. Of course, the training content will be different.

Any suggestions for beginners?

I suggest starting with the simplest home workout, but if you are interested in getting into fitness for girls, I think it’s better to find a professional coach to learn from the basics slowly, because watching the teaching videos for self-study has no mirrors and guiding actions, and hurts The risk will naturally be higher.

Boyfriend James also loves fitness. What is the difference between couples working out together?

Basically, we both have our own fitness programs. Although the content of the training is different, going to the gym seems to be our dating activity. We can talk to him every time we encounter bottlenecks in training or life.

What kind of clothes and equipment do you usually choose for fitness?

I like the sport bra and leggings of tone on tone very much. They are easy to match and not easy to make mistakes. They are not dull like a set. Relatively I like low-key and lightweight backpacks because there are so many fitness supplies, a lightweight one. The backpack really reduces a lot of burden.

What is the next goal?

The next goal hopes to win a professional card in the bodybuilding competition.

Danny Yu