When did you start getting into fitness?

Year 2017

Why did you start fitness?

Because I have always been lighter than my age, I look thinner when my height is fixed. The bigger I am, the more I look at my appearance. I feel tall and thin. At the time, I was only 68 kg at 180 cm. In order to appear taller, I would I deliberately wear more or larger clothes, but later decided that I didn't want to cover it up anymore, and I wanted to change it completely, so I started working out.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness 6 days a week for about 2 hours a day. Basically, fitness has become a part of my life. Persevering in training is a manifestation of self-discipline.

What kind of clothes and equipment do you usually choose for fitness?

Due to the preparation for the competition, recent concentrated high-intensity training, so in addition to a set of breathable and quick-drying training clothes, they will prepare a set of clothes to replace, and also bring training belts and wrist guards to reduce injuries. Chances are, as for the backpack, I usually carry Urbanist Cordura®. The main compartment has a lot of space for training clothes and equipment. The water-repellent backpack is really a must-have in summer!

Why did you choose to change from interest to career?

Because I have gone wrong on the road to gaining muscle, I hope to use my experience to help more fitness people. Whether it is to improve their physical fitness or enhance their self-confidence through fitness, I hope to instill in them correct fitness concepts and skills, and cooperation is very important. Healthy eating concept.

What is the most memorable thing along the way?

The most memorable thing is the ability to break through from 80 kg to 87 kg. At that time, the weight was hovering around 80 kg for a long time. At the beginning, the progress became slow and the goal was not reached. I was anxious looking at the numbers on the scale, but in fact Weight gain is the same as losing weight. It is necessary to gradually adjust the training content and diet menu. Relax according to the prepared list and increase the rest time step by step to achieve a better level. I deeply understand that in addition to training, the mentality is also very important. important.

What is the next goal?

The next goal is the WNBF Natural Bodybuilding Competition. Because Hong Kong has only about 10 professional athletes for the time being, I hope that I can get a professional athlete card within four to five years and become a professional bodybuilder on the international stage.

Gimmy Wong