When did you start getting into fitness?

Year 2010

Why did you start fitness?

Because I am thin from small to large, and my natural skeleton is thin, clothes of less than 100 pounds can only wear women's clothing or even children's clothes. Sometimes I really feel inferior because of my body shape. At that time, I just hoped to make my body stronger through fitness. You can wear men's clothing without wearing women's clothing.

What is the most difficult thing along the way?

For me, the most difficult thing is to increase muscle mass. I have a thin natural skeleton and a lean physique. A lot of effort has been made to increase muscle mass. In addition to exercise, we must first design a menu according to the phased goal, and try slowly And fine-tuning, from the beginning of a meal every 4 hours, after getting used to it, slowly shorten the time to a 3 hour meal, and now eat a meal every 2 hours, and each meal should try to take in moderate protein, low fat and High content of carbohydrates.

Girlfriend BG also loves fitness. What is the difference between couples working out together?

We usually discuss the exercises and skills with each other after the exercise, and sometimes we even study the nutrition menu together or even cook together, and work together to help each other improve.

What kind of clothes and equipment do you usually choose for fitness?

Usually, you usually choose a vest and shorts for fitness. The main focus is on comfort during training. In terms of equipment, you will bring wrist guards, elbow pads and pull straps. Of course, there are 4 pre-prepared lunch boxes, so a large-capacity backpack is really Indispensable, the large space can be used to place the objects well, and the upright fabric can secure the objects not easily to move.

What is the next goal?

The next goal is to gain 2 kg more weight before the competition and to win a professional card in the IFBB bodybuilding competition.

Please give a message to anyone who aspires to become a fitness coach.

Fitness knowledge is updated daily, and the old ones may be banned in the next second. If you want to become a professional fitness coach, you must always keep your curiosity and keep learning and improving.

Danny Yu