Previously, Dude & Bestie accompanied @travelnhike on a trip to Africa. After Bobo lost her loved one and her pet dog, she was optimistic and later confirmed that she was suffering from depression because of her mother's death sentence, "You must be a good person! "She reflected on the definition of happiness for her, so in July 2018, she suddenly made the decision to reverse her life. She quit her stable teacher job and embarked on the first stop of her dream journey-to volunteer for children in Kenya, Africa .

"Happy" is a simple stroke of the word, anyone can read and write, but what exactly is happiness? Everyone has a ruler in his heart, and his needs for happiness are completely different. This time I will share with Bobo, who is a former teacher. Dude & Bestie accompanied her to Africa to find her happiness.

Bobo suffered from the emotional illness that bothered her because of the painful loss of her loved one and pet dog because she repeatedly recalled the words of her mother when she died, "You must be a good person!", so she suddenly reversed in July 2018 Her lifelong decision was to quit her stable job as a teacher and embark on the first stop of her dream journey-to volunteer for children in Kenya, Africa, to recognize herself again, and to find herself who loved to laugh.

In Africa, even if they just play football or skip rope with children, they can already be as happy as a lottery. At this moment, Bobo realized that the simplest happiness is contentment, living in the moment.

Adhering to Dude & Bestie, who brings happiness to everyone, I was fortunate to have Bobo's assistance to smoothly give the colorful Havana Pouch to African children. Although it's just a little care, but seeing their satisfied smiles, I feel that even a little power can definitely successfully spread happiness to all corners of the world.

Gimmy Wong