Get your security code and verify

Every product comes with a unique security label to help ensure you are buying authentic product.

Step 1. Scratch off the silver bar

Step 2. Enter the 12-digit security code and check.


Is all product come with a security label ?

No, our security label only comes with the product manufactured after year 2020. If you have any concern about the product you bought, you may contact our customer support to verify your product.

How can I identify a authentic Dude & Bestie products

Every product comes with a unique 12-digit security code. If you found that your 12-digit has been verified before and not by yourself, you may bought a counterfeit product. Please report to us about the case.

Where can I find genuine Dude & Bestie products?

Authentic Dude & Bestie products are available at our retail stores and official partner websites. You can visit「Store Detail」page to view all the DUDE & BESTIE retail store and partner websites.

How can I report suspected counterfeit products or fake websites?

You may contact us at to report any suspected counterfeit products or fake websites.