Skyline Worth your attention

The Skyline is derived from the daily life, based on lightness and freedom, removing unnecessary design, and the simple square shape makes the storage space of Skyline more practical.

Water Repellent Surface

Made from water-repellent fabric, water splashed on the surface can easily flow away and keep your things safe inside the bag.

Water Repellent Zipper

It is created by laminating PU on the backside of a coil zipper, to provide an extra protection to your things not just on the fabric only. It also make the design of this bag much minimal.

Easy Snap Button Closure

The special designed snap button, let you put a finger down the button and easily just one press to lock your bag. Everything inside is safe and won't fall out even you turn the bag upside down.

Multi-functional Compartment

Different Internal dividers for you to easy organize wallet, phone, notebook, pen and else. Tiered pockets inside offer easy ‘crush free’ storage.

Smart Storage Space

The main compartment is long enough to fit in a 500ml bottle and an umbrella.


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