Eco Edition

by Danny Yu
Eco Edition

About Eco Edition

Dude & Bestie has released the first "environmentally sustainable" series. In order to achieve a balance between life and the environment, it has been experimenting with different recycled materials since last year, until this year it was decided to use Lipolon regenerated nylon "NylonPlus". Using recycle waste yarns discarded in the garment industry as raw materials to reduce the production of chemical substances and reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

NylonPlus vs Virgin Nylon

NylonPlus has the Global Recycled Standard (Global Recycled Standard) verification to ensure that the raw materials are composed of recycled post-consumer waste and are 100% pollution-free. In order to ensure the integrity of all certified products, GRS has regulations on corporate social responsibility, pollution prevention and treatment in the production process, and chemical restrictions.

Eco Edition Products

The NylonPlus used in the Eco Edition is made of recycled nylon mixed with waste yarn. It uses special technology to restore the texture and strength of nylon (Virgin Nylon). Combining the popular classics Imagine and Skyline as the outline, three portable models of Cove, Dylan and Parker are launched. packet.

"Eco Edition" let people examine the resources that were easily discarded in the past.In fact, many of them can be recycled to develop new materials.This concept makes everything more interesting and meaningful.